Three Picks For Restaurants In Jackson MS That Are A Little Different

When you really start to dig into the hundreds of restaurants in Jackson MS, you really find some gems. You will certainly like these top restaurants, as I have been looking at some of the favorites and have picked out three for you. If you eat at restaurants in a city that you have not been to before, you want to leave knowing that you got a taste of the best the city has to offer. You are definitely going to feel that way after you enjoy some delicious meals at these popular restaurants in Jackson MS.

Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza and Ice Cream Joint looks like an absolute dream, especially when looking at pictures of the desserts. This restaurant is located on Taylor Street, and meatball subs and other sandwiches are also on the menu. Just a heads up, the desserts not only look good but huge. You can also order up some delicious chicken wings, and that certainly tops it off. Of course, you want to really top off your meal with one of those ice cream sundaes.

Crazy Cat Eat Up is another popular place, and to eat there, you just hop on over to Canton Mart Road. Crazy Cat Eat Up offers lunch specials, and some menu items include meatloaf, quiche and a salad with fresh strawberries. It is important to mention that when it comes to the quiche, there is a different quiche special each day. That makes for an interesting be surprise when you visit.

Crawdad Hole is one of those special places to try in Jackson MS for sure. Crawdad Hole is on Lakeland Drive, and it is one of those restaurants where you order up food at the counter. You can order up crab legs, crawfish, boiled shrimp, tamales and so much more. People talk about the restaurant having a nice atmosphere, and that there is memorabilia to check out while you are there. Make this a cultural stop for a good meal while in Jackson MS.

All three of these restaurants are a little different than the usual, don’t you think? I would want to stop by the pizza and ice cream joint for dessert alone one time, too. Of course, I would also want to enjoy a meal there. I just mean an extra stop for dessert sometime would be cool. Maybe you will end up doing the same thing.